Chris Roy - Manager

Chris has been doing the music business since 2006. After graduating High School he always knew he wanted to be in the music but could not really play. So he started doing some administration stuff with bands, like maintaining websites, handling bookings and stuff. Being live at the gigs also helped Chris learn alot about Live sound, so he took all his knowledge and became a band Manager, Managing Mark Stevens, The Watermen and Keith's Brain. And also started doing live sound at the shows.

Some Influences to keep going would be Todd Geldart, And Rik Reese.
Chris always says " I want to be the next Jim Cressman that name is known all over North America. I want my name to be like that"
Rudy Gillespie - Sound Engineer and Producer

The mastermind in the studio, Rudy has always loved music being a musician himself. Got tired of handing money over to studios so went and took a sound engineering course in Ontario for 1 year. Now he is back in the Maritimes and raring to go, teaming up with Moncton Talent he will bring forward alot of good products in the near future.
Amanda Beers - Photographer and Graphic Designer

Amanda has always had a passion for 2 things Animals and Photography. She loves to shoot live bands, as well as photo shoots for press photos. She does all of Moncton Talents Photos for the bands and she always has her mind going when it comes to design.
Chris Doucette - Public Relations

Chris is fairly new to the music scene, having worked in bars being around live music. He instantly gained a passion for it and contacted Moncton Talent saying he was eager to learn the business part of Music.